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Moliere Passion, or The Mask of Don Juan

A ballet by Boris Eifman
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Hector Berlioz,
Jean-Baptiste Lully
Sets and costumes: Vyacheslav Okunev
Light: Gleb Filshtinsky and Boris Eifman

Premiere: April 6, 2021

Running time: 2 hours, with one interval

Moliere Passion, or The Mask of Don Juan

In this production of Molière Passion, or The Mask of Don Juan Boris Eifman explores for the second time the life story and artistic universe of the famous comedy dramatist. Similarly to the production of Don Juan & Molière, presented to the public in 2001 (which, according to The New York Times’s dance critic Anna Kisselgoff, surpassed all of the choreographer’s pervious works), the new ballet draws its dramatic energy from the contradictory unity of the theatre and the reality, from the complex, sometimes paradoxical relationship between the author and his characters. However, this time Eifman depicts the multifaceted personality of the French writer and actor even more expressively.

The audience is taken beyond the theatre curtain and gets an insight into the kind of “trash” of scheming, anguish and concerns that paves the path of immortal comedies. The choreographer sees Molière, who created his own theatre, as the artist closest to himself.

Colourful sets, well thought-through costumes, a dynamic lighting design effectively underscore the dramatic contrast between the alluring world of stage and the miserable daily routine of the creator.