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Комитет по культуре

In wait for the Dance Palace

“Moses led people through the desert for 40 years. So do I. I hope that we will still come to the promised land and find our home,” Boris Eifman admitted several years ago in an interview.

Today, the “nomadic” period of the Company’s life that has dragged on for decades is coming to an end. The construction of the Dance Palace, a long-awaited venue for Eifman Ballet and an innovative center of choreographic art capable of hosting the best Russian and foreign companies, is in full swing. Workers raised the outer walls of the building and completed the forming of tiers in the auditorium, above which the main load-bearing metal structures have already been mounted. Facade cladding is currently underway. The installation of the lower machinery of the main stage of the Palace has begun. Roof structures will be installed very soon.

We publish exclusive photos from the building ground so that you can appreciate the scale and uniqueness of the future home of the Company. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2025.