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On the eve of the opening of the 48th season


Eifman Ballet returned from vacation and began preparations for the start of the 48th season. Today, at the rehearsal base of the Company, its traditional gathering took place, during which Boris Eifman presented plans for 2024-2025. Let us briefly summarize his speech for you:

• In July and August, Eifman Ballet will give a series of performances in its hometown and will also participate in the shooting of the screen ballet The Seagull. A Ballet Story.

• On September 17 and 18, the world premiere of the production Crime and Punishment will be held at the Alexandrinsky Theatre. The next performances of the new ballet in St. Petersburg are scheduled for early October.

• The touring marathon of the Company will open at the end of September with performances in Tel Aviv. Already in mid-October, the dancers will go to Brazil (as part of the international project Russian Seasons), and in early November – on a tour in Asia, where they will perform for a month. Its geography will include Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and other cities.

• Eifman Ballet will visit Dubai in January 2025. The tour is planned for March in Central Asian countries. In April, the audience in Siberia and Ural will again have a chance to see the art of Boris Eifman.

• In the new season, work will be carried out on a new version of the legendary ballet Red Giselle. The spectators will see it in May.

• In July, Eifman Ballet will present the Moscow premiere of the production Crime and Punishment and the revived Red Giselle at the Historic Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre.

• Ten young dancers, who graduated from the Boris Eifman Dance Academy, the Vaganova Ballet Academy and other reputable schools, joined the Company.